Friday, 26 April 2019

Regionals 2019 - Pre season promo

Lets get ready to regional!!!!!! @RHR (Robinhood Raceway)

4th May (2wd) / 5th May (4wd) 
If you would like to make a weekend of it, but only have one car, you can race the other day in a non regional guest class. So you can still enjoy the camping and weekend frivolities with all of your racing buddies,  friends and family.

The PostCode is: S81 8EU

We're about to start our North East regional series, so let's take a look at what we're in for, from both a beginners point of view, and a more experienced racers perspective.

New to regionals?

This year, we're really pushing to get our club racers and new racers to join in the regionals. These events are where you get an opportunity to race against people from all of the North East clubs, at different tracks outdoors in the sunshine (hopefully).

We'll have all abilities represented, with my daughter racing her silver can Tamiya motor 

powering the Schumacher car she built herself, through to superstar F1 drivers who make a great spectacle to watch and cheer on. We're hoping for an excellent friendly supportive atmosphere.

We want everyone to race at the same event, and have a mega time driving their cars round different outdoor tracks. We start with the UK’s finest, and location for the 2020 European Championships, the fantastic Robinhood Raceway which is on the calendar 2 times this year.

New to regionals Q&A:

What power do I use to charge batteries?
At RHR, you can pay £1 to use the 240v on site.
Other places, either use a 12V battery, or ask nicely to join in with others who are plugged in to a generator, and chip in for the fuel for it.

Isn’t it a big step up?
Not really, you’ll find the whole range of abilities at the regional you see at a club meeting. It’ll just be on a nice big outdoor track, with less walls to crash into.

Is it serious?
It’s as serious or as much as a laugh as you want to make it?

Do I need to change my car from our indoor club to racing outdoor?
Not really, you might want to raise the ride height a bit if you race on carpet indoor, I run around 17mm outdoor as opposed to 15mm indoor.

Where do I pit?
You can pit in the large shed with 240v power, or you can bring a Gazebo, tent, or just a table, and setup in the field.

Last years pitting in the shed at RHR:

What’s great about the regionals?
Racing a range of new people of all levels from the regions clubs, on various tracks where you can really enjoy your buggies, camping over with friends for BBQs and banter, and getting out for lots of fresh air and sunshine (fingers crossed).

What time do I need to be there?
Every effort to be made to commence booking-in at 7.30am, Practise (5 minute slots if possible) commencing at 8.00am to 09.30am. Last call for drivers re booking-in at 9.15am, Drivers briefing 9.45am and Heat One (1) on the line by 10.00am.

Can my family come to watch?
Yes, this is one of the best things. Bring your family or friends for a weekend camp over, to help you out, cheer you on, or just drink your beer. The facility at RHR provides lots of room for camping and space to relax. Dogs are welcome.

A lot of people camp in the field there is plenty of room. There is also hotfood available throughout the day from the onsite kitchen.

Trophies - not for everyone though, but attainable by everyone.

Every final gets a trophy. So whether you are in the A final (top 10), or the G final (61st to 70), you will be racing for a trophy in your final.

And before racing get's underway, we're all in the same position, able to challenge last years champions for their silverware:

Ben Riley (2018 2wd champion), and James Chappell 2018 (4wd champion) … it won’t be easy.

Let's hear from last years champions:

The Champions:

JAMES CHAPPELL - 2018 North East 4wd champion:

1) What tips would you give to a beginner in or 4wd (James)?

Start off with a slower motor and get used to the car. Don’t make to many changes get a feel for what the car does with the same set up on different tracks.

2) What tracks did you enjoy most last year?

EOS (Southport) - change of weather all day made it interesting and RHR as usual. Great venue and great weekends away with the family.

3) We're really trying to get new regional attendees this year, what should people bear in mind coming to a regional for the first time?

It’s fun and enjoy yourself. Always feel free to ask for help.

4) Any big changes to your gear from last year?

Back to the kc for 2wd. 4wd is business as usual with the tekno. Can’t improve on performance.

5) What car did you use last year, and where can people buy one from?

Tekno eb410. RPRC and Dan Austin. Top guy and full of help and advice.

6) Both of you, Ben and James, are known as fairly aggressive drivers ... how come our aggressive drivers won in 2018? Or are you simply misunderstood and as smooth as a Cadbury's Caramel?

I’ve always pushed my car. Looks aggressive from the stands. But if you watch were my throttle is. Especially around the infield it progressive. I just make sure my car is quick and work from there. And with more surfaces being high grip you can push a bit harder than the old days. No 1400 sce cells any more.

7) What's the funniest thing you've seen in RC?

Not what I’ve seen. But stories I’ve heard. If you ask Dan Austin or Matt Gill about there funny stories about ….###### [moderated]

8) What's your favourite RC car, not including your current cars?

My favourite car was my Lazer zx-r. Carbon tub chassis and every upgrade possible. Sold it for £50 for a night out when I gave up racing for a while. Have a vintage zx-r at the moment with my son bought me as a birthday present. Family air-loom now.

Thank You James.

BEN RILEY - 2018 North East 2wd champion: We'll catch up with Ben in the Post RHR review.

Thanks to the champions for their input.

Onto another champion of our region.....

Davey Liddle, our regional camera man for every final. What a hero .... let's get his input on tracks, cars, and drivers. 

1) Davey, as a spectator, which regional track is most entertaining? 

Robin Hood Raceway. 

The reason being from a spectator it’s the most 3D track in our region and prob one of the best venues in World  the 3D nature of the the track offers good exciting racing to watch as well all like to watch big jumps.

2) Will you video finals in the rain, with no rostrum roof?

Yes I’ll video finals in the rain or any weather I’m from the northeast region not the south east   

3) What is the coolest RC car ever (1/10th).
coolest buggy ever has to be the Tamiya Manta Ray

 as that was my first buggy that got me so hooked on RC 

 4) What advice would you give to a club racer stepping up to regionals?
The best bit of advice I could give a club racer stepping up to start doing outdoors regionals is. 
Just do it. Racing Indoors is fun but racing out doors is amazing the whole weekend not just the racing is what makes it for me .

 .... and one time, in my taxi....

The family friendly atmosphere where my kids and wife enjoy the experience seeing there friends and socialising the excitement and adrenaline of the finals.
Racing outdoors is the only way to get better 

5) Which driver is most entertaining to watch in our region?

Most entertaining driver to watch in our region is probably a hard choice 
between either James Chappell or yourself Chris Pattinson you know if there is a chance of a move they going to go for it and if the isn’t then they are gonna create one both very aggressive driving style but fair drivers what i would call Maifielding it 

6) Schumacher are supporting the Liddle's in your racing ...What do you like about the Schumacher family

Racing for team Schumacher is as you have just said a family and they have a lot of time for the younger generation of drivers. They are always striving to improve there products to be at the peak of the competition 
The support at track side anywhere in the UK is second to none and how many other teams actually have the buggy designer trackside at nationals etc helping the team out.

Thanks Davey Liddle ...

his Youtube channel is a great watch, here are a couple of relevant videos:

.... a little slideshow of pictures to really capture what the NE regionals are about:

.... and last years 4wd finals from Robinhood Raceway:

Thanks Davey!

..... so seems you think myself and James have racecraft ....Ahhh… brought on by years of experience..... here is me creating the gap at NEAM:

What to watch out for this year? ....

Your ankles...

The lower heats will be filling up with regional new comers, so careful when marshalling, as these newbies enjoy the space and 3 dimensional tracks with their off road buggies

At the sharp end.....
A lot of competition this year, from what i've heard .... with lots of former regional winners, F1s and former F1s intending to enter.

The young'ns..... 

We've a lot of great young drivers coming through in the NE, and I feel this year will be a year we see them passing a lot of the more established drivers. I'd expect it to be a big year for Tyler Liddle, Archie Bowman, Ben Simpson, Ed Callan, Will Callan, Charlie Edwards, and young Tony Tinkler who is getting really quick. It'll be great to see them continue progressing, and we can only help them by setting the best example in a family atmosphere, and pushing them on in the right way. And if I can't catch them, I'll be creating a gap through racecraft ........

Joking aside though, let's set an example with some clean fair racing and a positive atmosphere.

New Rides.....

A few drivers have changed brands for this year, let's catch up with them:


I'm having a change away from Schumacher, who have supported me for many years, and I've chosen to go with Yokomo. My Schumacher's got me F2N last year in 4wd

  but really felt it was time for a change and a refresh.

1)What’s your new 2wd car? Yokomo YZ2 CAL2
2)What one thing about this car do you love the most?

It makes bumps disappear, it takes bumpy tracks in its stride, and flies and lands beautifully.

I did opt for a distinctly different bodyshell for my Yz2 .... though it has been subjected to some cruel photoshop efforts and comments


3)What’s your new 4wd car? Yokomo YZ4 SF
4)What one thing about this car do you love the most? The effortless pace it has. You can drive around a track comfortably, and the times just come to the car.

I mean come on, I don't just make C finals at nationals and score 14th in rounds with my driving skills.

5)Where can we go to buy these new shiny cars you have?

6)Do you like a car safe, or edgy?

I like a car edgy and pointy. Safe cars frustrate me with slower reactions, as with my driving, I often have to correct a racing line etc, which I can do with a pointy car.

You’re a good driver, what goes through your head when:
7) You are qualifying, and feel you’re on a good pace, but you’re not running as high up the heat as you hope. Do you push on harder, do you maintain your pace, do you get freaked out and crash? Maintain my pace. I've learned over the years that what will be will be, if I'm not going round fast enough within my limits, It won't make a difference pushing beyond them. The work needs to be done in the pits to get the time out of the car.

8) Do you ever practice strongly, but start your qualifying tentatively? How do you manage this? All of the time. I just hope to settle early in the race and pick up confidence and time as the race goes on. Not really a good strategy.

9) What is the funniest thing you’ve seen in RC?

David Pack's XX4 catching fire seconds after claiming it was the best his car had ever been?

David Pack losing his rag at York, and ramming his B4 into a wall to try and break it..... when it wouldnt break he went over and stamped on it and injured his foot ... no effect on the car.

Sorry to teamy Chris Green, but I'll leave these two here:

The tumbler:

And "where did my car go?"

10) Which hopups do you usually go for and why? 

I'll read up on any weaknesses in the car's plastics, and change those for alloy options if available.

11) Why do the NE regionals rock?

Good spread of abilities means everyone is welcome to race. Great locations, and a friendly and helpful atmosphere.

12) What's your most important bit of maintenance between meetings?

Re do the shocks.

13) Can people come and bug you about your new car, or do you want to be left alone?

I'm happy to chat around my cars, or anyone else's, to help them get more out of the hobby.

14) Give one tip to a beginner...

Ask questions, and get lots of guidance from experienced racers. Don't waste money buying things without asking for opinions.

Jason Robinson

Jason was racing a Schumacher KC and a Tekno last year

 ... but things have changed:

1)What’s your new 2wd car? 

Associate B6.1

2)What one thing about this car do you love the most?

The way you can plonk down on track and just drive it without worrying about setups

3)What’s your new 4wd car?

Xray xb4 19

4)What one thing about this car do you love the most?

Being easy to drive consistently 

6)Do you like a car safe, or edgy?


9) What is the funniest thing you’ve seen in RC?

Davo doing a naked running at the lap Grp cup

10) Which hopups do you usually go for and why? 

Most of them... everyone loves bling 👍

11) Why do the NE regionals rock? 

A weekend of quality racing with friends and having a laugh

12) What's your most important bit of maintenance between meetings?

Checking for loose screws and free moving parts 

13) You are experienced, can people come and bug you and ask for help ....about your new car, or do you want to be left alone?

Ask away. I am always happy to help anyone I can 

14) Give one tip to a beginner to regionals.

Don’t be afraid to try the regionals, it’s never a case of not being good enough  
It’s about enjoying the racing and having a laugh

Chassis Focus

I'd like to do some chassis focus within our NE region.I didn't intend on it being my car, but I've left it a bit late to feature anyone else's for this post. So I promise, going forward, I'll try to get a variety squeezed in here:

Car: Yokomo YZ4 SF

Servo: KO RSX3
Speedo and settings: Hobbywing XR10 speedo, 4deg boost, 20deg Turbo, Soften in 10deg@10%
Motor : Hobbywing 5.5 G3 motor.
Battery: LCG Intellect 4200
Radio: Sanwa sticks, Steering speed -13; DR 100%; Brakes 65% 
Any upgrades from kit? Alloy front castor blocks; Titanium fasteners; 5.5mm ballstuds
Setup: 4wd setup

Car: Yokomo YZ2 CAL2

Servo: KO RSX3
Speedo and settings: Hobbywing XR10 speedo, 0deg boost, 25deg Turbo; Soften in 5deg@10%
Motor : Hobbywing 6.5 G3 motor.
Battery: LCG Intellect 4200
Radio: Sanwa sticks. Steering speed -12; DR 95%; Brakes 85% outdoor
Any upgrades from kit?  Titanium fasteners; lower shock towers; New rear transmission housing for quick access to the diff
Setup: 2wd setup

Classic Photo:

I'll leave you with one last photo, courtesy of Jimmy, of David Snee creating a gap between Rich Lowe and Bradders from a NE regional in 2006. One of my favourites.... A final first corner ,,, how many of these drivers do you recognise?

See you all on Star Wars day.
May 4th @ RHR.

Dates for the North East Series:

Dates for the series:
Saturday       4th May        2wd Rnd 1             RHR
Sunday         5th May        4wd Rnd 1             RHR
Saturday       15th June     4wd Rnd 2             Batley
Sunday         16th June     2wd Rnd 2             Batley
Saturday       6th July        2wd Rnd 3             Teesside
Sunday         7th July        4wd Rnd 3             Teesside
Saturday       20th July      4wd Rnd 4             NEAM
Sunday         21st July       2wd Rnd 4            NEAM
Sunday         17th Aug      2wd Rnd 5             RHR
Sunday         18th Aug      4wd Rnd 5             RHR

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Schumacher North East Winter Series - Round 2 @ NEAM

Schumacher North East Winter Series - Round 2 @ NEAM

Join In:  Book In Rd3 <--- click the link - race on 18th Nov '18

Sponsored by Schumacher Racing (, and TQ models.

Sunday 7/10 saw the second round of the North East winter series ran by NEAM, at the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

Previous Round:

2wd and 4wd of the previous round was won by David Snee with his Schumacher cars .....

...... but with the a few drivers changing teams on 1st of October (new season), David would leave Schumacher and have some new Kyosho cars to play with at this meeting.



The surface for the series has been switched back to EOS carpet from mixed surface, following feedback from round one. This surface change has proved a lot more popular, with numbers up, and 10 heats on the timetable for Sunday.


We had corner table tops, a double, a step down ...

... and some humps ...

..... but it all flowed really well, and was well received by everyone from top F1 drivers, to new starters.

Feedback ......

Some comments from the F1's included 'liking how the EOS track wasn't just a flat out track, but required restraint on the throttle' , and that it 'flowed really well, was a good qualifying and racing track.' So top marks to the track builders.


Most went with Schumacher Cactus rear tyres, and the new fusion fronts in 4wd (usual cut staggers in 2wd) - all in yellow compound. The combination of Cactus rears and Fusion fronts, meant the car was well balanced, easy to drive fast or slow, and tyre wear was minimal. It seems to be the perfect combination for carpet racing, well done Schumacher.


The sharp end ....

At the top end, 2wd and 4wd was dominated by Eugene Galley, running the Schumacher KC and L1 cars. His comments being that he tried pushing on, but wasn't rewarded in lap times, but when he backed off, and picked his lines, the times then came down.

I took his advice in rd 4, changing from attacking the track, to picking my lines, and managed to put in a score of '2' in round for 4wd, better than the previous scores of 11 and 26 from my previous rounds.

In 2wd, Greg was improving his new PR car as the meeting went on, and David Snee and James Chappell were getting there with the Kyosho 2wd cars which they'd picked up for this meeting. Top Xray in 2wd was Kev Brewer, qualifying 6th, just behind me ...  unfortunately, we came together accidentally on the first corner and ended up at the back of the field.

Top 3 in 2wd:
1st Eurgene Galley (Schumacher)
2nd Greg Williams (PR)
3rd David Snee (Kyosho)

In 4wd, other great drives were coming from Ethan (2017 series winner) and James in 4wd with their Tekno cars, Tyler with his Schumacher L1. Nice to see Natalie on the pace with her new PR 4wd car aswell, and Chris Stewart hitting the A final, highest Xray car, after a long lay off.

Top 3 in 4wd:
1st Eurgene Galley (Schumacher)
2nd James Chappell (Tekno)
3rd Ethan Chappell (Tekno)

The racing and qualifying through the field ....

IT was nice to see driving standards were good through out the field, with many good races to watch and participate in. I enjoyed participating in an excellent 4wd race with James and Ethan.

Nice to see Team #BAR in out in force, with Gary Wright making great progress into the B final. It was also evident that Schumacher driver Steven Cook had made progress with his driving, along with great drives from David Pack, who clearly under qualified, Jason Kane, Liam Robinson and Ellie Woodhams moving up a final.

Scott Tinkler had his old  faithful B5 out on the carpet track, and seemed to be enjoying the day...

.... photographer, my daughter Poppy aged 9, seemed to be capturing the cars with rainbows and Disney characters on, rather than the latest new rides and top qualifiers.

......... Tony Tinkler, wasn't enjoying the day quite so much ...

'Ryan Clarke capturing Tony's mood perfectly with this picture'

It was nice to see racers working together aswell, Kev Lane working to fix Lee Willows car, as Lee brings him the spare parts needed, Kev advises that he's already fixed it, with glue. :D  The car made it to the track, that's the main thing.

Model Shop:

As always, TQ Models were supporting the meeting. The shop looked great, and met the racers needs. It was also encouraging to see people new to the hobby, buying kits and full race setups from the shop, continuing the growing nature of the sport in the North East.

Transfer deadlines, and new drives .....

With it being the first Sunday in October ....  lots of top drivers are trying out their new cars.

With this being an unofficial changing of teams month. NEAM winter series sees two F1 drivers unveiling their new cars, Greg Williams (PR Racing) and David Snee (Kyosho), and also Chris Green, 2018 NE regional front runner moving to Yokomo.

Let's take a look at what they had to say:

Greg Williams - PR Racing - Inside Line models.

Who are you dealing with ... where in the UK do we get these new shiny cars? 
Kev Lee at Inside Line Racing (

Why this new particular brand? 
The company has grown significantly over the past few years and watching the pace of the cars on track has impressed me. After having a few test runs with the cars, it was clear straight away that they were very quick and easy to drive.

4wd car: What model is it? 
PR Racing SB401-R

Are you looking for it to be safe, or edgy? 
More on the safe side rather than edgy. For me, the main thing is having a car which is predictable and consistent.

Anything that stands out about the look of the car / chassis? 
The layout of the new 4wd car falls more in line with the current trend of 4wd platforms, using a narrower chassis and larger side pods. Also, instead of using top decks, the new car uses stiffeners along the chassis to control the flex.

2wd - how many cars (low grip / high grip)? 
2 cars, 1 high grip and 1 low grip

What are the models names? 
PR Racing S1 V3 (FM) Type-R (both cars are the same model, but with different setups for high and low grip)

Any nice features you'd like to mention? 
The kit comes with various upgrades and tuning parts as standard (alloy front and rear hubs, brass rear wishbone hanger, a range of springs, a selection of rear toe-in hangers, etc.). Having these come as standard allows the car to be tuned for different tracks and driving styles straight from the box.

With moving to a new brand, how do you start your setup? Do you carry over knowledge from previous brand, or use a setup from a top driver for your new brand, or use the kit setup?
Kev Lee has been a massive help, sorting out equipment and sharing his setups with us. I’ll be using them as a starting point, and tweaking them slightly to suit my driving and the different tracks.

Sticking with HobbyWing electrics? 
No, changing over to Maclan electronics

What's the funniest thing you've seen in RC racing? 
A few years ago at RHR national, my sister (Nat) was out for her first practice. She came down the straight flat out and passed straight in between a marshal’s legs as he was mid-stride. An inch or two either way and it would have been a really nasty accident. The best thing was, neither of them even realised it had happened! Nat carried on practicing and didn’t realise until we told her afterwards, and the marshal walked off completely oblivious that he’d had a car pass straight between his legs!

Which servo have you fitted? 
SRT Racing servo – BH9022

Which hopups do you usually go for and why? 
I normally like to have a few tuning option parts (spring sets, rollbars, toe-in blocks etc.) to help tweak the setup from track to track. A few alloy parts are always good to add a bit of strength (and more importantly, a bit of bling!).

Any tips you've been given / carry over during the builds of these cars? 
The team have been extremely helpful in terms of getting us up and running, providing information and sharing setups. We’ll carry over any previous knowledge and try to put that to use with the new cars. I’m looking forward to working alongside the team to progress the setups and hopefully improve the cars.

What is your new favourite colour? 
It’s still got to be yellow, the brighter the better!

What does it take for you to break the silence of the rostrum? 
Sometimes when I make a stupid mistake, I get annoyed at myself and mutter something under my breath. I normally try to keep quiet though and put things like that to the back of my mind as quickly as possible.

Finish the sentence, NEAM winter series in the North East is awesome because ..... of everything! The venue, the track, the organisation, the people – everything about it is awesome. It is one of the best winter series in the country, and exactly what the North East needs to help promote the club and RC racing as a whole.

How fast does your RC car go? 
Faster now it’s Maclan powered 😉

What racing events will you be at this year?
Over the winter I’ll be attending all the Silverstone Winter Series rounds and most of the Worksop series, plus a few other meetings when time allows. I’ll hopefully be racing at the MKGP too (providing I get an entry). Heading into next year I’ll be doing all the BRCA 1/10th off-road nationals and as many of the Mid-West regionals as possible.

And can people come and bug you about your new car at these events, or do you want to be left alone? 

Of course, I’ll always be happy to try and help people, whether they drive PR cars or any other brand. That’s what’s great about the racing community, everyone is approachable and willing to help anyone. Feel free to come chat to me trackside or drop me a message online, I’ll always try my best to help where I can.

David Snee - Kyosho - TQ Models.

Who in are you dealing with ... where in the UK do we get these new shiny cars?
Can get these great cars at or track side at Tqmodels. 

Why this new particular brand?
From a 13 year absence I started back up with the Kyosho RB6 and was great. Cars look great and are well built. 

4wd car: What model is it?
4wd ZX6.6  

Are you looking for it to be safe, or edgy?
I'm still learning at this hobby as a lot has changed from beck in the day so safe as possible for me at the moment.

Anything that stands out about the look of the car / chassis?
Layout of car seems to follow the rest of the 4wds out there PR yokomo etc. Car feels solid and well built so can take it to its limits.

2wd - how many cars (low grip / high grip)?
Just the RB7 for me as I think this new car will be great on both low grip and high grip.

Any nice features you'd like to mention?
It looks the dogs and feels great to drive first time out on Sunday.

With moving to a new brand, how do you start your setup? Do you carry over knowledge from previous brand, or use a setup from a top driver for your new brand, or use the kit setup?
I try and carry over knowledge but every car is different with spring rates and oils depending on what team uses what. So first I get a base set up from Neil or Karl then twerk it to get what I want from the car and go from there. 

Sticking with HobbyWing electrics?
No using the new orion HMX Speedo new orion motors and orion lipos.

What's the funniest thing you've seen in RC racing?
You know this answer Chris ........... when we where at Broxtowe national cheering on our fellow neam driver Chris green in the final when all of sudden there was a pile up and chris jammed the throttle on in rage and his car decided to what I can only describe is a car with 10 wheels bouncing all over and the marshal trying to chase it 😂😂😂😂 get video up 

.... here it is:

Which servo have you fitted?
I am using orion in both.

Which hopups do you usually go for and why?
I tend to keep car as standard as possible as cheaper 😂 but I do like fancy bits but mainly rear all of hubs and front that's about it. 

Any tips you've been given / carry over during the builds of these cars?
Yea enjoy the build. 

What is the best car Kyosho has ever made?
I would say the RB7 up to now but wait as the new ZX7 is out this month hopefully. 

What is your new favourite colour?

What does it take for you to break the silence of the rostrum?
"Haway man" when I crash 

Finish the sentance, NEAM winter series in the North East is awesome because .....It has great members

How fast does your RC car go?
Not as fast as yours

What racing events will you be at this year? And can people come and bug you about your new car at these events, or do you want to be left alone?

I will be doing the best winter series in the country at Nissan - NEAM also outdoor regionals and nationals. I will help anyone wanting to chat or wanting a setup. Just ask.

Thanks David.

Chris Green - Yokomo

Who are you dealing with ... where in the UK do we get these new shiny cars?

Lee Martin direct - More news to come soon

Why this new particular brand?

Yokomo are Double world Champions so the cars are proven, i studied alot at the nationals this year, the cars look very well balanced and easy to drive.

4wd car: What model is it?

Yokomo YZ4-SF

Are you looking for it to be safe, or edgy?

Easy safe car to drive is what i am looking for, also a car that is easy to setup

Anything that stands out about the look of the car / chassis?

Shaft drive

2wd - how many cars (low grip / high grip)?

As most manufacturers these days, one for high grip one for low grip

What are the models names?

Yz2-CAL2 - High Grip
yz2 DTM2- Low Grip

Any nice features you'd like to mention?

Build Quality is outstanding, Fully sealed Transmission, A Ball diff that lasts! And its Quiet!

With moving to a new brand, how do you start your setup? Do you carry over knowledge from previous brand, or use a setup from a top driver for your new brand, or use the kit setup?

I will carry as much knowledge as i can, but there are loads of setups out there that work as its a proven brand, Advice from Lee is on hand iff needed, plus theres a good Facebook Group for Yokomo where everyone gives an input.

Sticking with HobbyWing electrics?


What's the funniest thing you've seen in RC racing?

David Packs XX4 on Fire!

Which servo have you fitted?


Which hopups do you usually go for and why?

Titanium Turnbuckles for added strength, None needed for the Yokomos

Any tips you've been given / carry over during the builds of these cars?

Take time and enjoy

What is your new favourite colour?


What does it take for you to break the silence of the rostrum?

Marshalls who are busy talking to each other

Finish the sentance, NEAM winter series in the North East is awesome because ….. of the racers, everyone's friendly and it's a good environment!

How fast does your RC car go?

Not as fast as Chris Pattinson's

What racing events will you be at this year? 

NEAM indoor series, 4 x Nationals and all NE Regionals

And can people come and bug you about your new car at these events, or do you want ot be left alone?

Yes by all means :-), ask away

Good Luck To ALL

Videos and results......

Videos of all finals can be seen on the following youtube link, thanks to Davey Liddle:


Results Link

Next Round:

With a round to Snee in both Classes, and a round to Galley in both classes, the series is wide open.
Will Eugene turn his one off attendance into a series title challenge?
The Scottish lads are on their way down for the next one, so competition could be up.
I'm looking forward to another great event.

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Next round:

Last round before New Year!

November 18th @ Nissan SR5 3NS

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Thanks to everyone that contributed pictures, including David Dunn, David Liddle, Ryan Clarke, and Poppy Pattinson.

More pictures:

gridding up for the first final, Poppy's car.........

... Jason Kane on pole for this one:

TQ models, Xray, Kyosho, Tekno, Schumacher, and lots more.....:


Ethan Chappell ready for the 2wd B final - good race with Mark Graham.

Kev Brewer, top Xray 2wd, ready for the A final.

Archie Bowman powered by Lilt.

My 2wd, ready for the A final. I'd only just pulled this out of the bag after it last hit the track @ Boughton National 7 weeks previous. I wasn't happy with the feel of the speedo today, I got lost in settings, causing me to miss apex's with delayed boost, and my brakes weren't great. I'll need to get on top of this at the next club meeting.

Tekno Tekno Tekno...

Schumacher driver Chris Woodhams, fantastic paintwork he did himself, and on his daughter Ellie's car.

Rob Calvert ..... back to the K brand:

Barry Swallow ready for final action with his Xray 4wd:

Tink's KC, ready for the EOS carpet

Tyler Liddle:

Mark Graham, new colours:

TQ models car of Neil Adamson - Kyosho ZX6.6

Rich Huntrods L1, I thoguht Mossy had turned up with an L1 at first glance.

Club painter, Stew Baldridge (SBD)

 TQ models - Chris Stewart 2wd Xray

Izzy Stewart's Xray (Mark Gudgeon tribute colours)

 .... my brief foray into 2nd place ahead of James in the 4wd final...........


Thanks go to John Bowman for manning race control for the day. Top job.